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    Grove Street

    Big Grand
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    Grove Street

    Post by Most on Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:20 pm

    [size=20pt][glow=blue,2,300]*Grove Street*[/glow]

    [size=15pt]*Grove street* Leader[/size]

    [size=15pt]*Grove Street is the home of Sean "Sweet" Johnson and Carl "CJ" Johnson, the two leaders of the Grove Street Families. They, along with their two siblings Kendl and Brian, were born and raised in the Johnson House. Beverly, their mother, continued to raise her three remaining children (Brian had died in 1987) in Grove Street, until her death during a drive-by shooting on her house. Her son, Carl, returns after leaving for Liberty City, and begins living in her house.
    Sweet, although no longer living in the Johnson house, continues to live in Grove Street. Kendl now lives in El Corona with her boyfriend, Varrios Los Aztecas leader Cesar Vialpando. Lance "Ryder" Wilson and Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross also live in Grove Street, and Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris had lived in Grove Street until moving to Idlewood.

    Grove Street, as the main base for the Grove Street Families, comes under attack from Ballas gang members. One instance is the drive-by shooting that led to Beverly Johnson's death, and when OG Loc hosted a party at his house; three waves of Ballas members attempt to take Grove Street, although they ultimately fail. However, following the arrest of Sweet and the forced re-location of Carl (by C.R.A.S.H.), Grove Street and all other Grove Street Family territories fall into the hands of the Ballas. This is helped by Ryder and Big Smoke, who had aligned themselves with the Ballas.

    Sweet is later released (via Mike Toreno) and Carl returns, and together they re-claim Grove Street and Ganton for the Grove Street Families. Grove Street once again becomes the main stronghold of the Grove Street Families, who use Grove Street as a base for expanding into other districts (such as Idlewood). Following the acquittal of Frank Tenpenny, Grove Street residents (along with residents of Los Santos) begin rioting. Carl and Sweet manage to 'lockdown' Grove Street, and bring stability to Ganton. Grove Street serves as the place of death of Tenpenny, who dies after crashing a Fire Truck off a bridge and into Grove Street.*

    [move][size=15pt]*Grove Street* "Rank and Skin"[/size][/move]
      [li]Skin 1:[/li]
      [li]Skin 2:[/li]
      [li]Skin 3:[/li]
      [li]Skin 4:[/li]
      [li]Skin 5:[/li]
      [li]Skin 6:[/li]
      Yang udah ada aja

      [li]Rank 1:[/li]
      [li]Rank 2:[/li]
      [li]Rank 3:[/li]
      [li]Rank 4:[/li]
      [li]Rank 5:[/li]
      [li]Rank 6:[/li]
      Yang udah ada aja

    [move][size=15pt]*Grove Street*"Vehicle"[/size][/move]
    Yang udah ada aja

    [move][size=15pt]*Grove Street* "HQ"[/size][/move]
    yang udah ada aja

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    Denny Surya Nugraha

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    Re: Grove Street

    Post by Denny Surya Nugraha on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:56 am

    Masih Berantakan tuh gan postingnya..
    Harap Pembetulan..

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    Roleplay Is My Life

    Big Grand
    Big Grand

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    Re: Grove Street

    Post by Biskuat on Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:32 pm

    Kalo bisa yang masuk nama nya harus nigger nih biar lebih RP

    Semoga bisa RP bareng gan
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    High Grand

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    Re: Grove Street

    Post by Takeo on Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:32 pm

    bukannya groove street dah dibalikin lagi ya kok masih ada ini bingung

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    Syaldan Ramadana
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    Re: Grove Street

    Post by Syaldan Ramadana on Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:55 pm


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    Re: Grove Street

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