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    FBI Application // Frank_Conrad

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    FBI Application // Frank_Conrad

    Post by Frank_Conrad on Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:51 am

    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Training and Recruitment

    First Name: Frank

    Last Name: Conrad

    Current Age: 30

    Current Occupation: None

    Division/Unit of Your Occupation: None

    Current Rank in Occupation: None

    Why do you feel that you're worthy enough to be in the FBI?
    Cause this is what I can do, thinking about criminal's mind, strategy and else. Im worthy cause I want to make a difference and to help this city away from any kind of crimes. the 2nd Reason is, Im good in it, I made a good mark when I still in College, and got my first job as a Lawyer when I graduated, but dont know why, I denied it, maybe because F.B.I. is what I want. and Now Im sending this application to you, in hope you can accept me. Thanks.

    Have you read all of the LSPD policies and the handbook?
    Have you been in the LSPD in the past?
    If you were to get accepted, what rank would you like to start at?
    the Second Rank.
    Were you ever fired from an LEO department in the past?
    State your past job history and ranks held:

    Sebut nama minimal dua orang dari berbeda Faction dengan jabatan senior ((rank 4-6)) yang merekomendasikan anda masuk ke FBI :
    Los Santos Police Department :
    San Fierro Police Department :
    Fire Department San Andreas :
    San Andreas Sheriff Department :
    National Guard :
    Goverment :

    Signature: ((Frank_Conrad))

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