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    Thug Of Smoke's

    Big Grand
    Big Grand

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    Thug Of Smoke's

    Post by Andre on Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:27 pm

    [size=20pt][glow=blue,2,300]Thug Of Smoke's[/glow]

    [size=15pt]Thug Of Smoke's Leader[/size]
    [size=15pt]Jone Born[/size]

    [size=15pt]Thug of smoke's Gang had not always been in East New York. It had once been a quiet neighborhood where Paul's war friend Charley lived along with the other citizens of East New York. They moved into the neighborhood sometime before Paul came back to New York City and has been terrorizing it ever since. Their acitivtes included collecting protection money from citizens, robbery, muggings, vandalism, murder, rape, and other illegal activites that the police could not control. Once Paul arrived he realized that the neighborhood needed to be cleaned up and to do that Thug Of Smoke's Gang would need to be kicked out of East New York so Paul could restore peace.
    After Paul arrived in East New York, he noticed that crime had become rampant and that the streets needed to be cleaned. After meeting the gang's leader Manny Fraker, and ordering a few weapons and making custom ammo, he started cleaning up the streets by killing The Giggler. Soon after that Thug Of Smoke's Gang retaliated by raping Rodriguez's wife. Paul continues to kill more members of Thug Of Smoke's Gang and each time they retaliate by killing one Paul's friends or destroying something of theirs. Eventually, the situation leads to an all out riot that pits Paul and the citizens of East New York agianst Manny Fraker and Thug Of Smoke's Gang. The riot draws out over a while until Paul eventually kills Manny and Thug Of Smoke's Gang surrenders and leaves East New York for good. Paul then leaves East New York before the police can arrest him.
    Members of Thug Of Smoke's Gang dress in typical clothes but usually with a certian style that makes the clothes look tougher. Typically leather or jean jackets, ripped shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, combat boots, studded/spiked wrist bands, chains, and hats. Some of them wear military style clothes such as camofluage pants. There are some who wear motorcycle gear. All members have a gang logo on their forehead that identifies them as members of Thug Of Smoke's Gang. It is a black lines with two red lines drawn through it. The Street Punk Gang is not an organized criminal enterprise my any means. It is simply a group of hoodlums that take orders from Manny Fraker and engage in all activites that criminals would angage in. They are all violent and ruthless criminals and do as they please to the citizens of East New York. Often members commit individual crimes and give a cut to the gang of whatever they steal. Still, their unorganized and careless activites lead to them to be kicked out of East New York by Paul and the citizens of East New York.

    Skin Fam

    Rank 1:New Smoke's
    Rank 2:Addicted Smoke's
    Rank 3:Lust Smoke's
    Rank 4:Addict Smoke's
    Rank 5:Under Boss
    Rank 6:Boss Smoke's

    [move][size=15pt]Thug Of Smoke's[/size][/move]

    [move][size=15pt]Thug Of Smoke's[/size][/move]
    HQ Thug of Smoke's Parkir HQ Thug Of Smoke's

    [size=15pt]Peraturan IC
    - Setia sama family ini
    - mematuhi kata ketua / wakil ketua
    - harus sopan dan tidak rusuh di mall
    - jika ingin mengadakan demo dan lain lain lapor ke ketua

    Peraturan OOC
    - Di larang Insult OOC
    - mematuhi rules family
    - mengikuti aturan RP
    - hal paling penting Rp full[/size]
    Denny Surya Nugraha

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    Re: Thug Of Smoke's

    Post by Denny Surya Nugraha on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:35 am

    Postingan agan saya anggap kurang memenuhi syarat Posting, harap diBenahi dan Lebih Lengkap visi misi nya, thanks

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    Roleplay Is My Life

    High Grand
    High Grand

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    Re: Thug Of Smoke's

    Post by Takeo on Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:03 pm

    wah itu kok pake bahasa inggris copas ya? ato emang kreasi ente sendiri Peace Ceriwis I Love Indon Moga sukses dengan familynya Ceriwis Shakehand
    High Grand
    High Grand

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    Re: Thug Of Smoke's

    Post by Maria_Ozawa on Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:11 pm

    Hahaha kyakx copas haha Ceriwis Ngebut

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    Re: Thug Of Smoke's

    Post by Sponsored content

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